Thank you for choosing to join the Cheer On! Bears. Cheerleading is an exciting, evolving sport. The Cheer On! Inc. mission statement is to Provide a fun, safe and progressive environment where members will acquire quality skills in all aspects of cheerleading, enabling them to progress to their full potential. Athletes will learn tumbling, jumping, stunting, pyramids, dance, tosses and cheering in a 2.5 minute routine set to music. Our program, teaches more than just cheerleading and how to perform under pressure. We provide the opportunity to discover, learn and cultivate a variety of character building skills that will assist athletes throughout life. Through an assortment of activities our athletes will learn about leadership, respect, dedication, goal setting, responsibility, integrity, community involvement, teamwork, the importance of health and fitness, commitment and good sportsmanship. We encourage our athletes to have a positive attitude in all aspects of their lives, through determination, perseverance and hard work. We can produce successful individuals both in cheerleading and in life!

The information contained in this package constitutes our All-Star cheerleading program policies. Please take the time to read through this entire package, our waiver and registration form. We are available to answer any of your questions and discuss any concerns. Feel free to contact us at .

Team divisions (and levels) are based on the USASF guidelines, and age is as of August 31st, 2017.

The USASF level system encompasses many different skills and was designed to ensure skill progression occurs in a safe, logical manner. Athletes are encouraged to master the majority of skills within a level before moving up. Teams will compete at a level that encompasses the majority of the members’ skill set.

New teams may be added as necessary to accommodate athlete skills. Athletes will be required to try out for advancement onto a higher level team. Skill, rather than age, will determine placement on all advance teams. USASF tumbling guidelines for each level, which we will use as one determining factor for team development, are shown in the adjacent table. There are, however, many other factors to take into consideration (stunt & pyramid building, etc.).

The coach and program director will determine the athletes position(s) and/or responsibilities. Failure to comply with their direction may result in an athlete being removed/ changed from their current team/position/responsibility.

Crossovers – a crossover athlete is someone who trains and competes on more than one team. Crossover spaces are limited and placement is at the sole discretion of the head coach and program director.

Sportsmanship is a key element of all Cheer On! Inc. programs and poor sportsmanship of any kind (verbal, physical, written, electronic, etc.) will not be permitted by ANY program member (athlete, coaches, family members, etc.) Bullying, of any kind, towards any program member, will not be tolerated. Bears Cheerleaders and/or family members are not to post any negative comments relating to Cheer On! Inc., its members or staff, or any other cheerleading program(s), on any internet site, Facebook, chat board, blog or other media. No one can post any picture(s) of any team member(s) that would reflect poorly on the individual or the program. Any ongoing issues that are not resolved may result in removal of the athletes from the program.

We promote the sentiment “Leave it at the door” to provide a friendly, non-threatening, carefree environment for all athletes. Additionally, we advocate teaching suitable behaviour through the motto “Is it appropriate?”.

Parental influences can have a major impact on the behaviour of athletes. It is imperative to be aware of the responsibilities and commitment made by athletes, families, coaches and administrators. We believe this includes, but is not limited to; showing enthusiasm, interest and support for your child; attending parent meetings and social events; attending and encouraging all athletes at all team events. We expect family members to set a positive example, and to provide support to coaches, officials and members of all teams at any team event.

Athletes should strive to be a positive influence at all times by expressing themselves intelligently and appropriately, and listening attentively to teammates, coaches and parents. The way athletes involve themselves in the community directly reflects on the entire club. We encourage our members to work hard, co-operate, be productive and strive for excellence in everything they do. Athletes involved in illegal or undesirable activities (e.g. suspension from school, smoking, alcohol) may be removed from the program at the sole discretion of Cheer On! Inc..

We put the emphasis on “leader” in cheerleader.

Cheerleading is a team sport and athletes must commit to attending all mandatory practices, and put forth their best effort to take advantage of optional practices. Full team participation is essential for progression. One missing athlete means one stunt group not stunting, which results in a group element not being practiced. It affects the entire team and the achievements they can realize. Program members must understand and respect the effect their actions have on every member of the club.

Athletes are permitted to miss a maximum of 4 practices per season, for any and all reasons combined. Exceeding this number may result in the athlete being removed/changed from their current position/responsibility and ultimately may result in removal from the program due to the negative impact imposed on the rest of the team. Some extra-curricular school events, parties, concerts, etc., may be in conflict with practices. Please respect the commitment of all the team members by ensuring that family functions, holidays and other special celebrations are scheduled around practices and team events whenever possible. If an absence must occur, please inform the team’s head coach as soon you are aware of the conflict. Arrangements can then be made to accommodate (rearranging practice agendas, rewriting routines, etc.). Please know that informing us of an absence does not excuse the absence. Failure to attend practice the week prior to a competition can result in the athlete being removed from the routine. It is simply inexcusable for the team not to be able to practice full runs at that time.

Failure of an athlete to arrive in practice uniform (Bears shirt, Bears shorts, appropriate cheer footwear, hair up, no jewelry (all piercings included), WITH a water bottle) on time to practice (in the gym at practice start time, ready to warm up) may result in the athlete sitting out of that practice and/or other consequences. Athletes must still attend the practice, however, the athlete may be removed/changed from their current position/responsibility. Athletes will still be required to warm up prior to joining practice if the coach deems their participation essential.

Occasionally a practice will include teaching life skills. These are an important component of our program and athletes are expected to participate with full co-operation to the activities related.

Any injury/illness must be reported to the head coach at the time of occurrence. There must be a record of all serious situations. The injury/illness may result in non-participation for the remainder of the practice in which it occurs, at the sole discretion of the coach. The athlete must remain in an allotted location as directed. This is to eliminate the issue of athletes choosing not to participate in elements of practice they do not “enjoy”.

Practices will be closed. Parents, siblings, friends, etc., must wait outside the gym area during practice. Only athletes and coaches of the team practicing are to be present in the gym. Safety is our primary concern, and distractions can be hazardous. Guests are welcome to watch practices from our viewing area. Athletes are NOT to leave the gym area during practice unless using the facilities. We discourage the presence of boyfriends/ girlfriends at the Den during practice as they are too great a distraction for the athlete. Parents are always welcome to discuss their child(ren) and/or the program with the coaches at a mutually convenient time.

Cell phones are NOT to be used at any time during practice. Athlete baskets will be in the gym during practice time for security reasons only. Food is NOT allowed in the gym.

NO ACTIVITY can take place without proper supervision. Proper supervision means a certified coach is running the activity. This includes, but is not limited to: warmup, conditioning, jumping, stunting and tumbling.

Most team communication will occur through the use of secret team Facebook groups (meaning these groups are only visible to athlete families personally added by Cyndi Guthrie – you will need to be Facebook friends with Cyndi to be added to these groups).

If you have not been added to your All star team page for the 2017-2018 season please contact your coach immediately.

Parents are required to regularly check their team Facebook page. Homework assignments, music, practice notes, video clips and competition/event information will be posted to these pages. Facebook has proven to be the absolute best way to ensure that all team members have accurate and up to date information. If you do not have a Facebook account please create one right away.

There is a Facbook page for Performance Teams and Tumbling classes if you do not belong to an All star (ie. competitive) team.

Each All star team is assisted by a Den Parent who can answer many questions regarding practices, competitions and events. They are your first line of contact and are an essential part of the team. Each Den parent will let you know their preferred contact method at the beginning of the season.

Please also join our Cheer on Bears! Fergus and Cheer on Bears! Guelph Facebook pages. We will post information about special events (movie nights, themed parties, community events) here as well as on team pages and would love for you to “check in” to your gyms page when at practices or events.

Email communication will occur sparingly and be reserved for account reminders, gym closures, special event registration etc. Please ensure that your account information is up to date on the Parent Portal. The parent portal can be accessed through and click on Parent Portal on the top right corner. Email or notify the front desk staff if you cannot access your Parent Portal.

Account specific questions (ie. financials, registration, event enrollment questions) should be directed to the front desk staff at either location or to .

Cheerleading athletes must commit to attending all mandatory team events and make every attempt to attend optional ones. At competitions and other team events there are times when athletes are required to stay with Cheer On! Inc. personnel. The safety of our athletes is paramount. They are not to be removed/released to their parent(s) or guardian without the consent of that person(s). Team members are to stay with their team to the end of any event and/or participate in their awards ceremony at competitions as directed. At competitions and other team events athletes are to remain in their complete uniform (as dictated for the specific event) until such time as they are instructed otherwise.

1.Mandatory Team Events:

Parent/Athlete Meeting – All athletes must attend with at least one adult representative. Athletes will not be allowed to participate in further practices until all paperwork, financials, sizing, ordering, etc. is completed.

Lockdowns – A themed overnight event for teams to learn their competition routines and bond as a team. Location, drop off times and pick up times will be determined by team

Bears Exhibit – The end of the year showcase for all family and friends to attend. Competition routines, individual routines, fun competitions, raffles and much more make this a special evening for everyone. The date is determined closer to the end of the season.

2. Competitions

Based on current information available, the dates listed below are our confirmed competitions. There may be changes, and not all teams will attend all competitions. The competition fee is determined based on the competitions attended. More specific information regarding competitions will be reviewed at the Parent/Athlete Meetings and provided on team sheets.

3. Optional Team Events:

There are additional clinics/conferences available for our athletes to attend. We will decide which teams/ athletes will attend these at a later date. There may be additional fees involved in attending these events, the amounts to be determined when the information becomes available.

We like to get the teams out to as many community oriented events as possible. If there are local events that you would like to see us get involved in, please let us know! Examples of events we have participated in include:

Fergus Fall Fair (September)                        Pumpkin Day Elora (October)

Monster of March (October)                          Elora Santa Clause Parade (November)

Fergus Santa Claus Parade (December)      Canada Day Festivities (July)

Scottish Festival Parade (August)


For most competitions, Bears cheerleaders are required to provide their own transportation and sign in with their Den parent upon arrival to the competition venue. It is absolutely critical that athletes arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their check in time. At competitions teams are on an extremely tight schedule and often allowed no more than 3 minutes per mat in the warm up gym. This means that if we as a team are even 2 minutes late due to an athlete not arriving on time, or in enough time to be prepared, we forfeit our warm up time and may be hitting the competition floor without properly warming up, or without doing a full run of our routine prior to competing.

For some competitions, Bears cheerleaders may travel together by bus. Parents will be advised if bus transportation is provided prior to competition. Athletes traveling as a team have a chance to experience a unique bonding opportunity. It also significantly reduces the stress associated with athletes arriving at competitions at different times, in various degrees of readiness. In the event that there is more than one bus, athletes are to travel together with their teammates. Other team events will be evaluated individually to determine suitable arrangements for transportation as required.

Athlete Sign In/Out:

All athletes under the age of 18 must be signed in to their Den parent upon arrival at all competitions. Once signed in athletes must remain with their teams until after both their performance and awards are completed. If teams have a long wait between performance time and awards parents may be permitted to sign athlete out and given a strict return time when athletes must be returned to their Den parent. Sign in/out times will be provided to parents once competition schedules have been finalized.

At all community events where parents will not be remaining with their athlete (ie. parades, demonstrations), parents will be required to sign their athlete in to the designated staff member and are not permitted to leave the event with their athlete until they have been signed out.

Hotel Accommodations for Overnight Competitions:

Rooms for athletes and coaches for overnight competitions are booked by the athlete’s family. A suitable location and details for group rates will be provided via. your Den parent.

One Practice Uniform (current year design t-shirt and black shorts provided by athlete) will be provided with full registration. Additional shirts and shorts may be purchased.

Being in Practice Uniform means: Cheer On! t-shirt, black shorts, white socks, white runners*, hair up, full water bottle, no jewelry (all piercing included), no chewing gum and no cellphones.

Apparel must be suitably fitted, in good condition and age appropriate. It is at the sole discretion of the coach and/or program director to determine the appropriateness of an athletes attire. Athletes may be required to change before being able to practice. Jewelry which absolutely can not be removed will be taped.

Each athlete is required to purchase the uniform specified for their team (used uniforms can sometimes be found on our Bears Cheer Swap and Sell Facebook page). Athletes are required to purchase a team bow for each team they compete on. Green and gold paw tattoos must be purchased by all athletes for use at team events. The paws will be kept by the team coach for use as necessary at competition and/or events.

Being in competition uniform means: current team uniform, white ankle socks, white runners*, bow, hair in ponytail, paw tattoo, cheer makeup, full water bottle, absolutely no jewelry (all piercing included), no chewing gum, no nail polish, and no cellphones. Athletes must remain in full competition uniform during an entire event – no partial uniforms, undone zippers, etc. Any athletes dressing in Competition Uniform outside of sanctioned events (eg. Halloween) may be removed from the program.

Athletes must also own their own lip gloss.

Team makeup will be available for all Level 1 athletes at all team events. Level 1 athletes have the option of purchasing their own makeup kit. All Level 2+ athletes must purchase their own makeup. Athletes will be taught the correct makeup application.

Notice will be given in advance of all events informing the athlete what the dress code will be. It may be the current years practice uniform, any practice uniform, the team uniform or a specific colour/style of clothing.

Additional Cheer On! apparel will be available. At the Parent Meeting an initial order form will be distributed. Items such as jackets, warmup pants, sweatshirts, pants and hats are all considered optional.

* Senior and all Level 2/3 athletes are required to purchase team specific cheer shoes. All other athletes are advised to purchase an all white, lightweight, flat bottomed athletic shoe

  1. Gym Membership:

Gym Membership is required for all athletes and are valid for one year (May 31st each year). Membership provides an athlete with insurance through the Ontario Cheerleading Federation, the option to participate in open gym time and any other programs run by Cheer On! Inc. (clinics, camps, classes, etc.), access to the Members Only Blog & Parent Portal, and helps cover costs associated with equipment management and maintenance.


  1. Program Costs:

It is important to understand that payment alone does not guarantee an athletes participation in the program. Additionally, failure to make payment(s) by the first practice after a due date, will result in an athlete sitting out at practice until the issue is resolved. This will be strictly enforced. The athlete may be removed/changed from a current position/responsibility if this is an ongoing problem.

Please note that the prices below INCLUDE HST.

  1. Registration Fee: The Registration Fee. Included in this fee is one practice shirt. All administrative costs for the season come out of this fee.
  2. Tuition: The tuition for all teams covers the regular season (September to May inclusive). See chart above for specifics. Rates vary based on number of hours/weeks practiced during the season. Family Discount – When a second family member (from the immediate family) is registered in the program, a credit of is given to the family for use towards apparel, clinics, camps, etc. during that season. This follows for any additional member enrolled.
  3. Uniform:  Athletes will purchase a team specific uniform. Pricing will be discussed at the Parent Meeting.ALL athletes must purchase the items required to complete the competition uniform. These items may include, but are not limited to: bloomies, bow, lipgloss, makeup and team paw tattoos. All Level 2/3 athletes must also have team specific cheer shoes. See the All-Star Order Form for associated costs (items may also be available in the Swap Shop


  3. Competition Fees

Fees will be determined based on the specific competitions a team is participating in. This can range significantly as the participant entrance fees, administrative fees, transportation and/or accommodation costs and associated with each competition vary significantly. Prices can fluctuate per athlete per competition. At the Parent Meeting in the fall the most up to date schedule with associated costs will be distributed. Additional fees may occur based on competition results (e.g. placing at Regionals will result in a fee for Provincials). Competition fees are non-refundable. If circumstances beyond our control result in the cancellation of a planned event, Cheer On! Inc. will do it’s best to find a suitable replacement, however we can not guarantee that such an option will exist.

NSF Charge: All NSF payments will result in a $25 administration fee. You will be notified by email and you have 10 business days from the notification date to pay the NSF fee, along with the original payment amount, or late fees will apply.

Late Fees: Any fees that are not paid within 15 business days after the due date will result in a $25 late fee. The athlete will not be allowed to participate until the fee is paid.

Any fees which are 20 days overdue will result in an additional $25 late fee.

Any fees which are more than 30 days overdue will have an interest rate of 5% applied per month on the total outstanding amount. Accounts in arrears past 30 days may result in dismissal from the program at the sole discretion of Cheer On! Inc.

Accounts in arrears after 90 days will be forwarded to a collection agency. All costs associated with this process may also be charged to the athlete.

Note- We have worked in co-operation with a number of different organizations who assist families cover costs associated with youth in sports. If you require information about these types of options please speak with us.

Refund Policy

  1. Dismissal due to rule infractions are not eligible for refunds.
  2. Refund requests must be made in writing.
  3. Illness or injury related withdrawal from the program will require a doctor’s note.
  4. Refund requests for withdrawal from the program will be evaluated and may be granted at the sole discretion of Cheer On! Inc.
  5. All approved refund requests are subject to a withdrawal fee of $50.
  6. Items which are eligible for refund with approval: Pro-rated tuition for remaining program months (starting with the next full month). Any competition fees for events which have not yet been registered for by Cheer On! Inc.  9.      Purchased uniforms and personal items are non-refundable once ordered.
  7. Fundraising funds are non-refundable.
  8. Uniform rental fees are non-refundable once the uniform has been received
  9. Registration fees are non-refundable.
  10. Purchased uniforms and personal items are non-refundable once ordered

During the year we provide the opportunity for families to participate in fundraisers. Different programs support various expenses associated with cheerleading. We do group fundraisers to enhance the program which benefits all athletes, individual fundraisers to help athletes build credit towards personal expenses, and fundraisers which enable us to offer a variety of social events. Ideas for new opportunities are welcome. All fundraisers are completely optional.

90% of all fundraising proceeds will be added to your account (50% for cheerathon)