Groove To The Music

If your child can’t help but move to the beat, we’ve got a great program for you!
Our instructors will choreograph age-appropriate routines while teaching fun technical skills and tricks.

Cub/Mini Love2Dance

Ages 3-8 yrs

Dancers will learn beginner dance steps and terminology for jazz, ballet & acro. Dancers will engage in energizing dance warm-ups and learn one dance routine. At the end of the session, dancers will present a routine in class that incorporates all the dance steps they have learned.


Hip Hop/Jazz

Ages 6-12 yrs

Dancers will learn beginner hip-hop/jazz steps and terminology. Each class will begin with cardio & stretch warm-up. Dancers will then learn a series of steps to build and create a high-energy, fun routine to present at the end of the session.

*All dancers will have the opportunity to take part in local event performances

What's the difference between recreational & performance dance anyway?

Our recreational dance program is a fantastic way to learn dance skills and build your child’s creativity! Our once-per-week class focuses on the fundamentals of dance technique while teaching fun tricks that will challenge your beginner dancer! The best part – there are no prerequisites! This class is a fun way to learn dance in a low-pressure environment with a coach who knows how to make it fun! Our Performance Dance Program allows athletes to compete and perform at a few competitions and events throughout the year. They learn a routine(s) that focus on technique and performance and offer regional travel for competitions. All choreography is done in-house by our staff who are known in the industry for their skill technique, innovation, and creativity!


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