All-star Cheerleading

All star cheerleading is a growing sport in Canada.

All star cheerleaders are competative athletes who combine stunting, tumbling and dance to create a high energy routine. Athletes will develop balance, strength, agility and flexibility and learn teamwork, dedication, committment, and how to be respectful and positive competators.

All star cheerleaders will participate in 3-5 competitions per year (depending on the team).

At Bears Cheerleading we encourage our athletes to work cooperatively and build each other up. We compete, but not against each other. We are not just a team – we are a family.

Allstar teams are separated by age and skill level. We have Elite teams who practice an extended schedule (June-May) and regular season teams (Sept-May).

YEP! There is a team for EVERYONE!

Our practice schedules are established at the beginning of the season and remain the same all year long. This allows our athletes to be involved in other sports and school activities, plan study time and vacations, and know when they have FREE time.

Our competition schedule is set by late summer/ early september. You will know what weekends are CHEER weekends and what weekends are YOURS!

Our communication with our athletes and families is high priority. Each Team has a “Den Parent” who is focused on making sure everyone is on the same page by keeping everyone up to date through email and social media. Our website and bulletin boards are also updated regularly.  If you ever have a question, just e-mail or text us, and someone will respond quickly with an answer.

Our team members attend routine/choreography camps, team bonding, holiday parties and get paired up for mentoring opportunities. Our athletes develop friendships that last a LIFETIME!

Our athletes are trained in cheer, dance, tumbling and stunting, and they are pushed to excel. Your child will develop in so many different areas and gain a very strong work ethic.

“Our girls love it… it is very good for them in growth, confidence and exercise. They learn teamwork in a sport, that is honestly, the ultimate team sport for girls,” Brad, Father of Bears Athletes.

Our teams are successful at many different competitions throughout Ontario and even into the US. You will be proud to be a Bear.

“The best part is the pride you feel when your child’s team takes the mat… the pride you feel when your child gets a new skill,” Karen, Mother of Bears Athletes.

  • Gummy Bears (Tini level 1)
  • Teddy Bears (Mini level 1)
  • Panda Bears (Youth level 1)
  • Polar Bears (Jr level tbd)
  • Glacier Bears (Jr level 3)
  • Kermode Bears (Senior level tbd)
  • Sun Bears (Tini level 1)
  • Cinnamon Bears (Youth level 1)
  • Care Bears (Special needs)
  • Kenai Bears (Youth level 2)
  • Atlas Bears (Senior level tbd)

We’re excited to meet you and welcome you into the Bears Family. Pick up the phone, call  (226) 971-1614 TODAY to schedule your team evaluation and join our FAMILY of CHAMPIONS!