Our story… as told by Coach Cyndi…

When I was a young girl I moved a lot through the US and Canada due to my parents jobs. Where ever I was I searched out local cheer clubs and organizations to be a part of.  I joined competition teams, participated in summer camps, joined pop warner teams, recreational programs and school teams in primary, jr high and high school. I was always so mesmerized by the talent, dedication and drive that cheerleaders had and the confidence they were building.

I knew I was good at cheerleading and dance; and as I grew older I realized It was the common thread in all aspects of my life… Where ever I was what ever I was doing on in my life I had Cheer.

As an adult I thought that no career could ever really be made in the world of cheer and dance in Canada, I went to school for dental assisting and planned on working in an office helping people with there dental health. Very quickly, I realized that my passion was not dental, (although I do love to help people). What really drove me was working with young people. I felt I connected with them in ways other adults could not.

I knew that being a teacher/coach was my calling to CHANGE the WORLD.

I moved back to Fergus/Guelph area to get married and have my family… Of all the places I had been this was “home” for me. I was excited by the growth that had occurred while I was away; it had almost doubled in population!

As my daughter got older and I started to look for sports for her I always felt that there was no comparison to what Cheer has given to me. The life lessons, friendships and countless outstanding experiences …I wanted that for her too. I found a club for her but always cursed at the commute, I also found that there was a lot of interest in our small town to have something in town for local girls. This was it! My chance to give these girls EVERYTHING I always wanted. I was on a mission!

Coach Cyndi

Cyndi and Kimberley… What an awesome adventure!

 I knew that in order to give the greatest number of athletes the opportunity to be a part of something GREAT, I had to venture out and begin my own Cheerleading program. I found a business partner and friend in Kimberley Lees. She shared my vision and would do anything to make it work. In the summer of 2009 Bears Cheerleading was born.  What we had thought was going to start out with 1 little team turned out 80 athletes over the first summer!! WOW. We outgrew our home at the CW sportsplex FAST and needed to look for a new home quick.

After almost two years of searching for the perfect space,
Bears Cheerleading had a home THE BEARS DEN!

Every year is better then the last and the adventure continues… Bears Cheerleading is now going into our 8th season, Our program is strong and growing stronger with each practice! Kimberley has refocused her energy to other things which has now allowed me to take the bull by the horns full time and work everyday on making Our club the best that it can be.

Bears Cheerleading has become something so much more then we had imagined. In addition to providing a high-quality cheer and tumbling program, we’re also a character building program. Our athletes become CHAMPIONS both on the floor and in the GAME of Life!

We’re proud to provide  All Star and Performance Cheer Teams, Tumbling & Dance Classes, Private Lessons, Specialty programs and Choreography to athletes ranging from 3 year olds and up. We have preschool drop ins and all classes for our little bear cubs too!  What this means for your family is that YOU GET IT ALL HERE! We’ve put together the best of the best in a program that leaves our athletes sweating, smiling and learning…all while having the times of their lives.

Easily recognized as the #1 Cheer program in the Fergus /Guelph area, Bears Cheerleading  serves athletes all over the Centre Wellington: Belwood, Elora, Rockwood, Orangeville, …..  . We’re always honored and humbled when we welcome athletes who happily travel long distances to train here because they are confident that our programs are life changing!

At Bears, we inspire and motivate our athletes to be their personal best, and through their accomplishments learn and understand the value and strength gained from hard work, perseverance and teamwork.

At Bears Cheerleading you can expect the following:

The Highest Quality Cheer & Tumbling Program in the Fergus/Guelph Area
That means you can expect an organized, well-ran sport for your child. We know how valuable good communication and planning is. We want your child to be a part of something GREAT, yet give you the opportunity to schedule other valuable family activities.

A Professional, Knowledgeable and Innovative Staff
At Bears Cheerleading, athletes are exposed to amazing role-models. Young girls witness that women CAN HAVE IT ALL! They see first-hand female coaches who are athletic, smart, and family and career- oriented. You can also trust that your child is part of a program that is current with industry standards, following proper progression of skills, and constantly combining creative minds for the best possible products for you!

A Safe, Clean & Properly Equipped Facility
This means that your child will train in a gym that has proper mats and flooring while learning the very intricate and complex sport for cheer and tumbling.

A “Home” for Loyal, Respectful and Driven Athletes
Your child will become more self-confident, motivated and learn to love being a part of program that challenges and leads them to excel.

We’re excited to meet you and welcome you into the Bears Family.

Please call (226) 971-1614 and let us know if you’re on our website. We’ll schedule you for a FREE Tour of our facility and a meeting with one of our awesome coaches to help you determine which program is right for your child.