At Practice I should

  • Bring water bottle
  • Be on time to warm up properly with my team
  • Have hair tied up
  • Have everything I need to have a successful practice

At Home I should

  • Stretch every day
  • Listen to my routine music often and visualize a perfect run
  • Use time management to make sure that my other responsibilities (school, chores, etc…) are taken care of so that they don’t interfere with my gym goals.

Before I come to the gym I should

  • make sure I have my water bottle, shoes, bag, snack and anything else I might need.
  • Check the website to make sure…
  • “Leave it at the Door” what ever battles you are struggling with “out there” get left behind for just a bit… enjoy practice!

Mama and Papa bears should

  • Be a positive example for my athlete and my gym. Understand that as a parent, I am a role model for my athlete and the rest of the athletes in the gym.
  • See the big picture and exercise self control in adverse circumstances. I should lead by example and never allow profanity, anger or disrespect to be a part of any of my interactions especially at events.
  • Treat all coaches,teams and parents with respect at all times. Even when I disagree with others’ decisions or comments.
  • Whenever possible, I should volunteer to help my program and sport. Whenever I serve as a team parent helper or on a industry committee, I will use my skills and time to improve my program and sport.
  • Teach that striving to win, rather then winning itself, is what is important in life. I understand that the integrity with which we perform and accept an award is a true gauge of success.
  • Not comment negatively about my opponents on any form of social media. Instead, I will seek to use social media in a positive manner whenever possible. I understand that commenting with integrity reflects positively upon the image of our sport, my program and myself.